Why You Should Go For a Food Tour in Rome

If you happen to be in Rome, Italy, you can get the chance to explore the local food specialties and enjoy the city at the same time. This way you can find authentic food places, where you can taste the real Carbonara or the famous Italian pizzas, great desserts and amazing gelatos. Let your senses come alive with delicious tastings in local areas and get the chance to meet the locals and learn more about their food traditions, recipes, and secrets. The following are the top reasons why you should go for one of the top rated food tours in Rome right away!

Taste Authentic & Delicious Pizzas

If you love pizzas, you are in the right place. You can get the chance to taste different types of pizzas. You can go through different neighborhoods of Campo de Fiori and Piazza Navona, in order to visit various pizzerias that make different styles of pizzas. For example, Da Remo is one of the most famous old pizzerias in town. Moreover, you can visit pizza houses, where you can taste a traditional rectangular pan baked pizza. Get the chance to learn the secrets of what making pizza in Italy tastes so delicious. While in the market, get the chance also to taste different types of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Take the Trastevere Food Tour

This tour takes place in Trastevere neighborhood, where many Romans prefer to eat with their friends and families. Here you can taste a wide variety of other local dishes. For example, you can start by tasting a local cafe in some pastries.You can taste the Italian classic pizzas or pasta. If you like you can visit some cheese shops, in order to try the famous hard cheese pecorino. Or you can learn all about porchetta at a butcher’s shop.

Explore the local markets

Escape the crowds and make your way to the famous local markets. For instance, you can go to Testaccio, which is the original foodie neighborhood of the Eternal city, where you can taste anything you like, from cheeses to local craft beers. This is an amazing experience, where you can also meet some of the families that run these stalls and you can actually learn how the locals shop. If you like, you can sample juicy buffalo mozzarella or porchetta and more. You can find great restaurants to savor homemade pasta, like ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and spinach or Gnocchi with four kinds of cheese.

Take a Pasta Making Class

There are certain tours that offer you the opportunity to take a pasta making class. You can visit a typical local family and learn how to make yourself these tasteful pastas, and you can learn how to prepare an authentic Italian pizza by using seasonal ingredients. You can try to make your own pizza with meatballs, pesto or stuffing squash blossoms or even artichoke hearts.

Taste Desserts & Gelatos

Except for pasta and pizzas, you can taste a large variety of Italian pastries, cakes, and gelatos when in Rome. For example, get the chance to taste Baba, Diplomatici, Cannoli, Brutti ma Buoni, Sfogliatelle, Cassate, as well as a number of other delicious cakes and pastries and of course the real traditional gelato.Our time will most certainly include an experience with a coffee (or cappuccino) at one of two historic cafes near the Pantheon.

Some of the best ways to appreciate the amazing cuisine of Rome is to take a guided food tour or to explore the city food corners by yourself. Either way, you are definitely going to have an amazing time in the Eternal City, by finding the best places to eat and taste wine, beer, desserts, coffees and more.