What a Form SS-5 Is Used For

A Form SS-5 is the form you fill to apply for a Social Security card as stated on application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/replacement-social-security-card-child/. This form has to be filled out whether it is a first time application or during the application for a replacement. A replacement may be necessary in the event of a name change due to marriage, divorce, a stolen, lost or damaged Social Security Card, or in the event of a change in citizenship. The Form SS-5 is a single page document and very straightforward to fill out. It is submitted together with additional supporting documents that help prove your citizenship status, identity and age. Note that the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not accept photocopies of these documents.

The documents have to be original or certified copies (certified by the agency issuing the documents).The Form SS-5 will be required when applying for a Social Security Card in several different scenarios. Apart from a first time application or a replacement due to loss or destruction, a few special cases may also force one to need a new Social Security Card. You may have a card but it may contain an error such as a misspelled name or a wrong Social Security number, meaning you’ll need a new card with the correct data. You will also need a card for your child once you give birth or you adopt them, so that you can perform other related tasks for them such as opening a bank account for them. You may also need a Social Security card when you acquire a new job or when opening a bank account.

Finally, if you have an adult under your care, and you want to get a Social Security Card for them in order to acquire government benefits or even to assist in the management of their finances.The different scenarios for applying for a Social Security Card listed above may require different additional documents. For example, if you get married or divorced and require a change of name, the Social Security Administration requires that you attach the original or certified copy of your marriage licence or divorce certificate. Similarly, if you are an immigrant and your immigration status changes, say, from green card to a United States citizen, you will be required to present the respective additional supporting documents, like a certificate of United States Citizenship. It is of vital importance that you ensure you make copies of all your documents for your reference, since the documents submitted are all original copies. It takes ten business days for your Social Security card to be processed after all your documents check out with the Social Security Administration.

Beware of people who lie that this application can be submitted online. The Form SS-5 application is submitted manually through mailing or better yet presenting yourself at the nearest Social Security Office.It is also important to note that it is advisable that when making this application, you should do it yourself. This is because this information is sensitive. Paying someone to do it for you may sound easy and less stressful, but it is dangerous. As a bonus, doing it yourself is absolutely free!