Replacing your social security card online

Ever lost a social security card in New York City? It happens to many people all year round. It may be a theft or you accidentally misplaced it. The first efforts that one makes are the ones that matter.

Mr. Rodger, a New York City resident couldn’t figure out what to do. He’d just lost his social security card on his way home from work. Apparently, in his case, it couldn’t ring a bell how the entire incident happened. But he’d lost it! He went in and out of the Social Security Administration office at least twice. They couldn’t help much. He had no documents to confirm his identity. His busy iob didn’t allow much time wastage. He prioritized the job more than the process of attaining a replacement. What a pity! He wasn’t aware of the risks involved.

Here are hints of what to do exactly if you find yourself in such a mess. Next time Mr. Rodger or anybody else can do the following.

Are you legible to do it online?

The government has made the process simpler. You can replace it online through This is if you meet the following conditions.

You’re a US citizen with a valid mailing address.- You’re over 18 years old.- You aren’t applying for a name change.- You aren’t applying for any other change on your card apart from the replacement.- You have a valid state-issued identification card from New York City state or a driver’s license.

If you don’t meet the requirements for replacing it online, you will have to visit a Social Security Administration office.

Please make work easier by gathering and going with documents. The documents required will be determined by two factors; your age and lastly, your citizenship status. The documents required are the ones that prove your citizenship status and identity. All the documents submitted should be original and not copies. Complete an SS-5 Form. This can be filled online and downloaded. The form requires that you fill in your name, address, date of birth, and other crucial personal information. It can also be obtained at the Social Security Administration office. Submit the SS-5 Form and your documents at the office.

If you have a mail, just send to them. You don’t need to be there in person. Just ensure the form is properly filled and all documents are availed.

Replacement of cards is FREE! It could take you 10-14 days to get another one. For non-US citizens, it could take longer Other important steps Place a fraud alert at the credit reporting agencies. Visit Experian or Transunion or Equifax. Also, check and review your credit reports from all the three. If there is any suspicious activity, report to the reporting agencies.

File a report at Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You will be given an Identity Theft Affidavit.

File a police report that explains your predicament. Here, you will present the FTC Identity Theft Affidavit Bottom line, you are advised to be swift in your card replacement process. The faster you’re, the lower the chances of fraud happening to you.