Importance of using fog lights for your car

Safety is one of the most important thing when you driving your car. Especially when most of the time you always need to drive a car. Most of new car nowadays already has fog lamps installed from the dealer, but the question is when do you need to turn on the fog lights? Do you need to turn them on all the time?


When you live in the area that most of the time is foggy of course, example if you live in the San Fransisco. Try to drive through the golden gate bridge when it’s covered with fog with just your headlamp, you literally can’t. You can also consider to get a fog lamp for your car fromĀ if you live in the mountain area.


Snowing also considered as one of the important reason. When the snow started to fall and it already winter then the fog light should be on all the time. You really can not see clearly ifjust using your headlamp because your vision is very limited because of that many snow. Also when wet season with the heavy raining start, it will make temperature drop and when it cold it will causing fog, so you should get the fog lamps to.

Night Time

I always turn on my fog lamp when i am driving in the evening especially in the rural or suburb area where there is no street light or rarely see other vehicle on the road. Because using headlamp only is not enough. But i always turn off my fog lamps when i am in the city, when there is lot of street light, or when i often see other vehicle in the street.

Impaired Vision

There are a lot of people out there that have a problem with their eyes but still want to drive a car, like my father. He always turn his fog lamp on in the night while he driving and it really help him a lot.


There are a lot of people out there that bought their car from the dealer without Fog lamps installed, maybe to reduce the price.But there is no harm if you buy fog lamps and get them to install it to your carjust for precautious because you don’t know when you will need them.


Sometime if you afraid the glare of the lights will “dazzle” another vehicle then the answer is it won’t. Because the position of the fog lamps it self already calculated in such a way that it won’t “dazzle” the other vehicle in front of you. The thing that wrong is if you choose to change the head bulb of the headlamps into bigger watts then it will interfere another vehicle. If you don’t want to have fog lamps because it “consume” the battery of your old car then don’t worry, change it into LED bulb, the light as bright as halogen and it consume little power so it won’t harm your battery. Fog lamps is one of the most important thing from a car whether you want it or not because you will need them eventually.