Guide to Moving Homes

The prospect of moving house is an exciting thought indeed, but the process of actually transferring your
entire life from one location to another can be an incredibly stressful, confusing and exhausting one. This is
why it is so important to put together a list of things to remember before making a move, which brings us to
item number 1 of ‘Things People Forget to do When Moving’:

1: Write a To-Do List – This is the most blatantly obvious step, though the one that many people neglect to do.
Time management is crucial when taking on such a big task as moving from one location to another, so take
your time before committing and put together a list of absolutely everything that you need to get done.

2: Compare Relocation Companies – Another important thing to remember is to compare different moving
companies, do remember to use as well. Most of us make the mistake of going with the first company that we come into contact with. Just
take your time, do your research and get some different quotes – With that in mind, remember; sometimes it
is better to spend a little more money if it means receiving a significantly superior level of service.

3: Compile All Important Docs – There is nothing more frustrating than finally settling down in a new home
and realizing that you’ve misplaced all of your important files and documents, particularly if you’re moving to
another country. On arrival, you want to have all medical records I financial and legal docs on hand to save
you a world of stress in the long run.

4: Take Care of your Pets – In all fairness, of all the important tasks that you need to arrange prior to moving,
anything pet related tends not to go forgotten. That being said, something as simple as taking your pets for a
quick checkup before undertaking any long journey is crucial. Investing in a pet-passport isn’t nearly enough
when you consider that even the smallest journeys can be vastly traumatic for our beloved creatures.

5: Take what you need – We all have a few bits and bobs that we’d never want to part with, but be honest
with yourself; how much of your crap do you need? Take everything that is vital for yourjourney and try to
box up some old bits that you rarely (if at all) use and then drop it off at your local charity shop.

6: FREE Boxes – You can buy purpose-built cardboard boxes almost anywhere, though why waste your money
when with a little planning in advance you can acquire all of the boxes you will need with great ease. Just ask
around and see what you come up with!

7: Keep Essentials Together – This is a simple one: Keep all of your essential bits and bobs together. You’d be
surprised how much stress this can save you. All of the things you think you won’t need, you’ll end up

needing all at once! – So grab your torch, some Allen keys, a pair of socks, a packet of Rennie and your
passports and then stuff them in a rucksack.

8: Label the Boxes – This may not seem like such a big deal, but it will save you a world of trouble when it
comes to unpacking your things. Again, moving is a long and stressful experience, so save yourself a little
time and effort by writing what’s what on the boxes. That way you can get everything into the relevant room
before opening them up!