Compound bows and spinning reels: Picking a good spinning reel!

Just like fishing, finding the perfect accessories for fishing is a tedious task. As simple as it may sound to pick up a fishing rod and a spinning reel to turn into a fish catcher – it’s a complex process.

With a number of brands with their own set of spinning reels spinning in the market you are sure to return home confused. Therefore picking a the best spinning reel for the money will be slightly easier with our tips. Here is how you do it!

Spinning reel material

Spinning reels are made of different materials to suit their need in different kind of water. These materials are mostly metals but are used in a form that works best for long term use. For suitability with saltwater spinning reels are made of materials like oxidized aluminum, coated stainless steel and forged steel variants. These spinning reels are made of corrosive material while making use of high quality ball bearings so that it doesn’t melt down in saltwater.


In the past decades manually operated spinning reels were the only ones available. Over time there has been development of automatic mechanism or levelwind mechanism which facilitates smooth usage and quick spool. The automated spinning reels are more time and effort saving!


Weight is an issue when finding an ideal spinning reel. It is always safer to use lightweight spinning reels as they create les fatigue, less strain on the muscles and don’t create joint stress. When you spend most of the time in water, choosing a lightweight spinning reel will make the task easier and smoother. Usually the weight of a spinning reel is weighed in pounds i.e. 6 pounds, 8 pounds etc– pick something light for easy use.

Size of spinning reel

Spinning reels come in different sizes which are suitable for different rod length and the kind of fish you intend to trap. Ideally these are printed on the labels of the spinning reels and rods but one might get confused with the data. So here is a little guide:

–  10-30 size: This size is an ideal fit for a rod length of less than 7 feet. Perfect for catching small fishes these weigh almost 3-4 pounds.

–  40-55 sizes: Suitable for a rod length of less than 7 feet these sizes are ideal for trapping medium sized fishes. They weight around 8-10 pounds.

–  60-95 sizes: ideal pick to catch the large sized fishes one can use rods of 7 feet length or more for this size of spinning reel. They weight for almost 12 to 30 pounds – depending upon the size.

Gear system in spinning reels

Today almost all the spinning reels are built with a gear system that decides the rotations of spool for every rotation of the handle. This gear ratio is the deciding factor. Lower gear ratio means that it shall be easy to crank but there shall be a need to rotate multiple times to pull the line in. picking a good spinning reel is about choosing the suitable gear ratio.

Resistance System

There is a drag system in every spinning reel tat adjusts the resistance requirement for pulling the line. The resistance is highly influenced by quality drag systems that lets one avoid snapping of lines while fighting to pressurize the fish. Look for high resistance spinning reels!

These factors highly influence the choice of spinning reels and making your fishing experience a quality one. Pay details to the information provided on the spinning reels and choose the right one for you!