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The beauty of Costa Rican Tours

People build well, but nature builds better. That’s why despite all the technology and convenience within reach, people can’t help but retreat to nature from time to time in order to heal their bodies, rejuvenate their minds, and restore their energies. Are you seeking refuge in such a land? Look no further. Costa Rica with the Best Costa Rica Tour Companies – Costa Rica Focus – Costa Rica Bird Tours would be your next destination for the most soothing and revitalising experience ever.

Rich in biodiversity and enticing scenic views, it is a strip of land in Middle America blessed with nature’s abundance. Half the country’s 51,100 square kilometers (19,700 square miles) are mountains and volcanic lands creating breath-taking sites filled with rain forests, clean rivers, virgin lakes, and waterfalls. The east and the west sides are bordered by Caribbean sea and the South Pacific Ocean- that’s a lot of beaches to explore.

Here are a few reasons why you should take a tour in Costa Rica.

The Safety and the Cleanliness

Believe it or not, Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in the world. It’s one of those few countries that has no standing army. Though it has had some difficulties in the past, Costa Rica now has a stable and prosperous democracy. It also has in place effective environmental policies to keep the country pollution free and clean. Even the tap water is safe to drink and use.

The People

Recognized by the UN as one of the highest performers in Human Development Index (HDI), Costa Rica has an educated and friendly population. Although the national language is Spanish, most people understand and speak English. As soon as you arrive, you will be greeted by warm-hearted friendliness that is Costa Rican heritage. People there are down to earth and easy to get along with. The local governments and law enforcement agencies are very welcoming as well. There are also some expat communities who help foreigners if ever they are in trouble.

The Food

Next to the natural beauty, Costa Rica is also known for its food. With a country that preserves its pristine nature, it is no wonder that fresh and organic ingredients are used all the times in food preparations. Yes, you can also find McDonald’s there (Thanks to the ever-increasing crowd of American tourists), but I would recommend the local cuisines. They are so worth it. Most Costa Rican food includes rice or black beans or both. Aside from that, you would have tons of side-dish options of fresh vegetables, fruits, a variety of fish and seafood, and different kinds of meat. “Let food be thy medicine”.

The Beaches

There are so many things to do in Costa Rica that your main problem would be to choose what to do first. You can go for a beach day and have a lazy afternoon lying in the sand. You can also go active mode and choose to dive, snorkel, surf, windsurf, Jet Ski, and all other beach activities you can think of.

The Forests

Don’t like the beaches? You can go to the mountains, and take a quiet hike. Trek through the rainforests and get close to nature. You can go alone or with a guide and discover the hidden waterfalls, rivers, lakes on your way to the peak of a volcano. The forests also house exotic animals that are friendly to humans. No doubt the stress of living a city life takes its toll on our body and mind, and the only way to restore ourselves is to escape to Mother Nature. If that is the case for you, Costa Rica should be at the top of your bucket list.

How to keep pests off your lawn

It is every homeowner dream of having a pest free home. If your yard is infested with pest put yourself and family in risk of various diseases. In addition, pest may also spoil your plants and food in your yard. For this reason, you should look for appropriate pest elimination method the moment you see or suspect pest invasion.

The good news is that there are many companies that provide pest elimination services. The prime goal of these companies is to make your home pest free and healthier. They make your yard safe place to live for you and your family. The company’s experts visit your home and layout the plan for the best way to kill the insects to make your yard completely pest free. They aim at the root cause of the problem so that insects remain far away from your house for a long time. They just don’t spray at yard but they work on the areas from where insects are entering your home. Look at for great examples.

Experts even give you some guidelines for the future so that your house always remains a pest-free place for you. They normally follow a number of steps to keep them away. They treat the cracks or any other opening in the house by filling them. They also treat the area under trash or foliage because that’s the place where ants and other insects make their home. They take proper care while spraying and they make sure to take extra care while spraying around doors, windows, decks or vents.

If you are allergic to color and odor then you need not worry, as you can ask the company that they should use color-free or odor-free products as they are easily available nowadays. Most of the companies use these products, thus helping in controlling all type of ants, silverfish, spiders and other kinds of insects. They take special care of area outside your house so that insects and bugs remain out and don’t enter your home. These services can be taken any time of the day.

Some companies even do not require you to be at home while their expert is working. So you don’t have to worry about taking day off from work or spoiling your weekend. They target and spray in such a manner that bugs gets killed in their tracks. What plan of action is required to treat your yard and how long the spray is going to be effective or if any other measure needs to be followed; all these factors depend upon the total area of your house and the affected area in your house.

Besides from seeking for professional help, there are other things that you can do to keep your yard from pest infestation. The first thing is to clear the bush. Next you can purchase traps to capture the pest. In addition, you can purchase pest repellant to keep the pests away from your yard in the first place.

So, keep your house pest-free as some insects are not only a nuisance but in fact very harmful to your health. The flying insects bring along many diseases in your home. By following the above mentioned procedures and taking Lansing lawn service, you can breathe in a healthy atmosphere in your house.

What a Form SS-5 Is Used For

A Form SS-5 is the form you fill to apply for a Social Security card as stated on This form has to be filled out whether it is a first time application or during the application for a replacement. A replacement may be necessary in the event of a name change due to marriage, divorce, a stolen, lost or damaged Social Security Card, or in the event of a change in citizenship. The Form SS-5 is a single page document and very straightforward to fill out. It is submitted together with additional supporting documents that help prove your citizenship status, identity and age. Note that the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not accept photocopies of these documents.

The documents have to be original or certified copies (certified by the agency issuing the documents).The Form SS-5 will be required when applying for a Social Security Card in several different scenarios. Apart from a first time application or a replacement due to loss or destruction, a few special cases may also force one to need a new Social Security Card. You may have a card but it may contain an error such as a misspelled name or a wrong Social Security number, meaning you’ll need a new card with the correct data. You will also need a card for your child once you give birth or you adopt them, so that you can perform other related tasks for them such as opening a bank account for them. You may also need a Social Security card when you acquire a new job or when opening a bank account.

Finally, if you have an adult under your care, and you want to get a Social Security Card for them in order to acquire government benefits or even to assist in the management of their finances.The different scenarios for applying for a Social Security Card listed above may require different additional documents. For example, if you get married or divorced and require a change of name, the Social Security Administration requires that you attach the original or certified copy of your marriage licence or divorce certificate. Similarly, if you are an immigrant and your immigration status changes, say, from green card to a United States citizen, you will be required to present the respective additional supporting documents, like a certificate of United States Citizenship. It is of vital importance that you ensure you make copies of all your documents for your reference, since the documents submitted are all original copies. It takes ten business days for your Social Security card to be processed after all your documents check out with the Social Security Administration.

Beware of people who lie that this application can be submitted online. The Form SS-5 application is submitted manually through mailing or better yet presenting yourself at the nearest Social Security Office.It is also important to note that it is advisable that when making this application, you should do it yourself. This is because this information is sensitive. Paying someone to do it for you may sound easy and less stressful, but it is dangerous. As a bonus, doing it yourself is absolutely free!

Replacing your social security card online

Ever lost a social security card in New York City? It happens to many people all year round. It may be a theft or you accidentally misplaced it. The first efforts that one makes are the ones that matter.

Mr. Rodger, a New York City resident couldn’t figure out what to do. He’d just lost his social security card on his way home from work. Apparently, in his case, it couldn’t ring a bell how the entire incident happened. But he’d lost it! He went in and out of the Social Security Administration office at least twice. They couldn’t help much. He had no documents to confirm his identity. His busy iob didn’t allow much time wastage. He prioritized the job more than the process of attaining a replacement. What a pity! He wasn’t aware of the risks involved.

Here are hints of what to do exactly if you find yourself in such a mess. Next time Mr. Rodger or anybody else can do the following.

Are you legible to do it online?

The government has made the process simpler. You can replace it online through This is if you meet the following conditions.

You’re a US citizen with a valid mailing address.- You’re over 18 years old.- You aren’t applying for a name change.- You aren’t applying for any other change on your card apart from the replacement.- You have a valid state-issued identification card from New York City state or a driver’s license.

If you don’t meet the requirements for replacing it online, you will have to visit a Social Security Administration office.

Please make work easier by gathering and going with documents. The documents required will be determined by two factors; your age and lastly, your citizenship status. The documents required are the ones that prove your citizenship status and identity. All the documents submitted should be original and not copies. Complete an SS-5 Form. This can be filled online and downloaded. The form requires that you fill in your name, address, date of birth, and other crucial personal information. It can also be obtained at the Social Security Administration office. Submit the SS-5 Form and your documents at the office.

If you have a mail, just send to them. You don’t need to be there in person. Just ensure the form is properly filled and all documents are availed.

Replacement of cards is FREE! It could take you 10-14 days to get another one. For non-US citizens, it could take longer Other important steps Place a fraud alert at the credit reporting agencies. Visit Experian or Transunion or Equifax. Also, check and review your credit reports from all the three. If there is any suspicious activity, report to the reporting agencies.

File a report at Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You will be given an Identity Theft Affidavit.

File a police report that explains your predicament. Here, you will present the FTC Identity Theft Affidavit Bottom line, you are advised to be swift in your card replacement process. The faster you’re, the lower the chances of fraud happening to you.

Importance of using fog lights for your car

Safety is one of the most important thing when you driving your car. Especially when most of the time you always need to drive a car. Most of new car nowadays already has fog lamps installed from the dealer, but the question is when do you need to turn on the fog lights? Do you need to turn them on all the time?


When you live in the area that most of the time is foggy of course, example if you live in the San Fransisco. Try to drive through the golden gate bridge when it’s covered with fog with just your headlamp, you literally can’t. You can also consider to get a fog lamp for your car from if you live in the mountain area.


Snowing also considered as one of the important reason. When the snow started to fall and it already winter then the fog light should be on all the time. You really can not see clearly ifjust using your headlamp because your vision is very limited because of that many snow. Also when wet season with the heavy raining start, it will make temperature drop and when it cold it will causing fog, so you should get the fog lamps to.

Night Time

I always turn on my fog lamp when i am driving in the evening especially in the rural or suburb area where there is no street light or rarely see other vehicle on the road. Because using headlamp only is not enough. But i always turn off my fog lamps when i am in the city, when there is lot of street light, or when i often see other vehicle in the street.

Impaired Vision

There are a lot of people out there that have a problem with their eyes but still want to drive a car, like my father. He always turn his fog lamp on in the night while he driving and it really help him a lot.


There are a lot of people out there that bought their car from the dealer without Fog lamps installed, maybe to reduce the price.But there is no harm if you buy fog lamps and get them to install it to your carjust for precautious because you don’t know when you will need them.


Sometime if you afraid the glare of the lights will “dazzle” another vehicle then the answer is it won’t. Because the position of the fog lamps it self already calculated in such a way that it won’t “dazzle” the other vehicle in front of you. The thing that wrong is if you choose to change the head bulb of the headlamps into bigger watts then it will interfere another vehicle. If you don’t want to have fog lamps because it “consume” the battery of your old car then don’t worry, change it into LED bulb, the light as bright as halogen and it consume little power so it won’t harm your battery. Fog lamps is one of the most important thing from a car whether you want it or not because you will need them eventually.

How to pick a water softener.

In the U.S.A, U.K hard water is a hazardous matter. Hard water means the water full of magnesium, calcium ions. It creates the tremendous problem during soap or detergent washing related activities. Due to this inconveniences, water softener the machine which can convert the hard water into soft one is an overwhelmingly crucial thing to the people. This water softener has the technology where the calcium and magnesium ions are absorbed and water becomes soft. In this aspect, it’s the time when every people of these countries want to make a water softener of their own.

In this article, I am here to guide you during your selection of the water softener among many market available products. I will provide some basic information about it which will help you during your shopping, or you could just go right ahead and purchase this one

What is the water softener?

It is the tank full of negatively charged beads of Zeolite or resin. Water softeners are connected to the main water supplying channel of your home. During water supplying, negative ions of resin will attract the positive calcium and magnesium ions. According to the rules of ion exchange, some positive sodium ions will be also added to the water. Now, the resultant water is the soft one and is ready for your use.

How to pick a water softener?

In the market, the water softener is available in three sizes- Small, Medium and large. If your family member is within 3 take the small one, if it is 4 then select the medium size and if your family members are more than 5 in number then your ultimate solution will be a large size water softener. Before making out for shopping of a water softener take the permission of your area municipality which is mandatory.

If you think for taking the water softening facility for your family, first make a search on the internet for making a quote and then consult with your local sellers. In the online platform, it will cost nearly $990-1000. In this aspect, I can give you another idea which is renting a water softener. It will help you to be cost-effective and on the other hand, make your family hassle free from the hard water problems. During this selling or renting procedure, you have to be cautious about the installation process and the agent who make the installation. The agent should carry the certificate of authorized institute otherwise your water softener system can be hampered.

In this aspect, other things can make your shopping within your budget. You can try for a salt-free water condition also. It will help you to get soft water in your budget.

Lastly, you have to be cautious about the maintenance procedure of your water softener too. You have to use the water shower heads. You will find it any hardware shops or online market.

These are the basic tips for your question how to pick the water softener. Above all, it will enhance the real estate property valuation for your house. It will be an asset. Don’t make late! Hurry up! Just pick a deal and select your own water softener.

Why your business has to accept payment online

With the growing trend of online shopping, more and more businesses are opening their online portals to sell their products and services. From a hair pin to yachts, everything is now offered online. Customers of all types prefer to buy their stuff on the Internet. As such, it becomes essential to accept payments on your website. While some businesses are skeptic about payment gateways online, you ought to receive and make payments online. If you run a store and has a constant stream of buyers, here is why your business has to accept payment online from

Customers prefer shopping online

Gone are the days when people used to visit a brick and mortar store to buy their stuff. Modern day customers prefer to shop right from their computer desk. Also, people choose to pay online; they don’t want to visit a bank to deposit payment for their purchase. If you can’t provide payment gateways to customers online, you are losing them. You ought to accept payments online via debit/credit cards or net banking in order to receive payments.

Modern payment gateways are safe

Some businesses fear that online transactions are not safe and their transactions might be hacked taking away all the payments they receive from customers. While there are risks associated with online payments, modern payment gateways come fully secured. You can add an extra layer of security by securing your site through your host security as well as via encryption. With these safety measures in place, you don’t have to worry about the risk of jeopardizing transaction security.

Online payments are easy and fast

Receiving payments on the net is fast and easy. Whether it is a payment via debit/credit cards or net banking/phone banking, payment processing is done within a matter of minutes. All the customers have to do is validate their cards using a onetime password that they receive on their phone or via pin, and the payment is done. The same is the case with net banking and phone banking. With such a speedy payment procedure, there is no reason why you and your customers won’t love to make and receive payments online.

Outsource payment processing

A number of reliable and accredited payment processing operators exist online. You can outsource payment processing to such operators. In exchange for a nominal charge, a payment processing merchant will take care of your payment procedures. All the risks and hassles related to your payment will be dealt by the third party service.

Bottom line

From the above discussion, it gets clear that accepting payments on the net is imperative for any business. Without an online payment gateway, you just can’t think about selling your products on the net. Ease of accepting payments, options to outsource payment acceptance, security of transactions, etc are some of the benefits that support the argument why your business has to accept payment online. If you wish to harness all these benefits and drive a regular flow of customers, set up a payment gateway or outsource it to a reliable payment processing operator and enjoy speedy, safe payments.

The importance of Fog Lights

Car owners are always looking for ways to enhance the beauty of their car. Modifications are not only made for the purpose of looks, but cater to the driving needs too.

There are many beauty-cum-necessary modifications available for cars such as exposed bumpers, strobe lights, rear spoilers, fenders, and fog lights. Fog light is pretty useful add-on for your car and improves your visibility too while driving. This article provides you five goods reasons explaining why your car needs fog lights or even an LED Demon Eye to spruce it up

1. Helps improve the visibility in Fog

The most obvious aim of fog light is to enhance the visibility of the driver when the visibility is affected by fog. Winters are usually foggy in most parts of the world and they do a lot in affecting the visibility of drivers while they last.

This can lead to serious road accidents and may also claim some lives. Therefore, it is recommended to install Fog lights in your car as a safety precaution. The improved visibility due to fog lights may help you drive safely and burden free.

2. Your support in bad weather conditions

Many people are mistaken by the word aElFog’ in fog lights and assume that it can only be used in foggy weather, but this is certainly not the case. These lights are powerful white lights that can help you in other abnormal weather conditions such as heavy rain or snowfall.

In some cases, the light might not aid you in driving, but can work as a signal for other drivers and pedestrians to take notice of your car. The powerful fog lights can be used to indicate your presence on roads as well as to pave your path in the dark.

3. Better Looks

With a wide range of fancy fog lights available these days, you can also use them to beautify the exterior of your car. Fog lights are generally located in the front of car. However, there are fog lights that can be placed on the rooftop.

With elegant white bright lights on your head, you can certainly roll high in the town. Missing out fancy fog lights during a complete makeover of your car might not be a very good idea, as they might turn out to be the missing pieces with aesthetic characteristics.

4. Backup headlights

At times when you happen to go out of your car and find out that the headlights of the car are not working properly, you can still pursue your plan if you have fog lights installed. Fog lights can certainly be used as backup headlights if you cannot afford to cancel your plan. These lights are rarely used hence they are mostly in working condition and can offer you the much-needed backup.

Moreover, it is more convenient to have backup lights than to drive in emergency without any light at all.

5. Warn others about your vehicle

Rear fog lights are also available in the markets easily that help you provide extra safety to your car bumpers. Usually in foggy weather when the visibility is low, people who drive without fog lights have a higher probability of bumping into the next car.

These bumps can be avoided on your car by installing rear fog lights. It will keep indicating the driver on your back that there is another vehicle right in front of you. Furthermore, it can also avoid serious road accidents by keeping other drivers cautious and vigilant.

Highlighted above are 5 reasons why your car needs fog light. Realize the importance of fog lights and get them installed in your car today.

Guide to Moving Homes

The prospect of moving house is an exciting thought indeed, but the process of actually transferring your
entire life from one location to another can be an incredibly stressful, confusing and exhausting one. This is
why it is so important to put together a list of things to remember before making a move, which brings us to
item number 1 of ‘Things People Forget to do When Moving’:

1: Write a To-Do List – This is the most blatantly obvious step, though the one that many people neglect to do.
Time management is crucial when taking on such a big task as moving from one location to another, so take
your time before committing and put together a list of absolutely everything that you need to get done.

2: Compare Relocation Companies – Another important thing to remember is to compare different moving
companies, do remember to use as well. Most of us make the mistake of going with the first company that we come into contact with. Just
take your time, do your research and get some different quotes – With that in mind, remember; sometimes it
is better to spend a little more money if it means receiving a significantly superior level of service.

3: Compile All Important Docs – There is nothing more frustrating than finally settling down in a new home
and realizing that you’ve misplaced all of your important files and documents, particularly if you’re moving to
another country. On arrival, you want to have all medical records I financial and legal docs on hand to save
you a world of stress in the long run.

4: Take Care of your Pets – In all fairness, of all the important tasks that you need to arrange prior to moving,
anything pet related tends not to go forgotten. That being said, something as simple as taking your pets for a
quick checkup before undertaking any long journey is crucial. Investing in a pet-passport isn’t nearly enough
when you consider that even the smallest journeys can be vastly traumatic for our beloved creatures.

5: Take what you need – We all have a few bits and bobs that we’d never want to part with, but be honest
with yourself; how much of your crap do you need? Take everything that is vital for yourjourney and try to
box up some old bits that you rarely (if at all) use and then drop it off at your local charity shop.

6: FREE Boxes – You can buy purpose-built cardboard boxes almost anywhere, though why waste your money
when with a little planning in advance you can acquire all of the boxes you will need with great ease. Just ask
around and see what you come up with!

7: Keep Essentials Together – This is a simple one: Keep all of your essential bits and bobs together. You’d be
surprised how much stress this can save you. All of the things you think you won’t need, you’ll end up

needing all at once! – So grab your torch, some Allen keys, a pair of socks, a packet of Rennie and your
passports and then stuff them in a rucksack.

8: Label the Boxes – This may not seem like such a big deal, but it will save you a world of trouble when it
comes to unpacking your things. Again, moving is a long and stressful experience, so save yourself a little
time and effort by writing what’s what on the boxes. That way you can get everything into the relevant room
before opening them up!

5 benefits of hiring an SEO guru.

Do you have plans to improve your online sales in 2018? Well, in case this is your mission, there are
numerous benefits of hiring an internal SEO specialist. This move will help you use the expertise of this SEO
guru in your company to increase revenue. A weak SEO policy might be the sole reason your organization
has been performing dismally. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose this route today at

1. Updated knowledge and expertise

Hiring an internal SEO expert with admirable experience will accelerate your company’s growth. You will get
updated solutions to various tough business questions specifically related to internet marketing. The internal
employee should have various case studies and understand current changes in the online market. He will be
the online engine of your investment and will give you advice on what to do and what to avoid to get desired

2. Saves money

One of the benefits of hiring an internal SEO specialist is saving money. This is achieved if compared to
outsourcing SEO services. An in-house SEO department is a safe step towards potential profit maximization.
The only precautionary measure is to shop for the best expert available. In case you are a newbie in the SEO
world then hire pros to interview your potential hire.

3. Networking

The time taken to look for the best SEO specialist for your business will help you network with many
professionals. Before landing the best internaI SEO specialist, you will have met dozens of professionals
ready to help your venture grow. If you get a qualified individual offering this type of service, your business is
safe. Each and every decision will be made after a thorough consultation and research making your online
transactions a success.

4. Client focus

The specialist will bring on board different techniques that are aimed at improving your customer experience
online and even physically in your outlets. He will offer the best professional services so that he can have
something to show future employers or prove to you why he deserves a salary increment.

Furthermore, your progress will be monitored professionally using return on investment (ROI), analytics as
well as general rankings by your engaged internaI specialist.

5. Comfortable business management

Imagine sorting all your hectic SEO requirements at the comfort of your home via a mobile phone. This will
save your time and the numerous meeting you could have organized if you chose a consultancy that is not
directly under you.

A business that decides to try out the endless benefits of hiring an internal SEO specialist will only have to
monitor the value of the return from the partnership using available reports. The stressful meetings with
consultant agencies will never be a bother and all you need is a phone call conversations in case clarification
is needed about better search engine visibility or plan a meeting with your expert over a cup of tea in your

As you plan to help your business unit enjoy benefits of hiring an internal SEO specialist, you should research
about the past assignments done by your likely pick. It is not advisable to contract a novice SEO specialist to
deal with your online campaigns. The potential expert has to provide testimonials and case studies to prove
that he is able to deliver what you are looking for. This should be accompanied by current clients. A right
choice will make sure that your time is saved, business is managed easily, your networking improves, you
have updated information and your SEO investment is a comfortable sail.