Basics of beard care.



Having a healthy, good-looking and smelling beard isn’t rocket science. A lot of care and maintenance goes into beard care regardless of type or volume of the hair. Basically, a healthy beard is achieved by taking care of the skin and hair and regular trimming. In choosing beard products you might want to use products from the same brand to layer the same scent, or alternatively pick products with similar scents so that they blend into each other. Besides, the beard is quite close to the nose so it is advisable to use products with your preferred scent, since it will linger on your beard though the day. Luckily beard care kits have a variety of scents therefore finding a preference is relatively easy.

Like the hair that grows from the scalp, a clean beard is essential if you’re looking to grow it out as dirt and oil residue will hinder its growth, in addition to harboring a foul smell from perspiration, traces of food, environmental factors like smoke and dust among other things that contribute to an unkempt beard. To wash it, you’ll need a beard shampoo with clarifying ingredients to completely clean out dirt from the hair. It is important to condition your beard after washing to detangle and moisturize it, as clarifying shampoos tend to dry out hair. Skipping this step will result in a dry and itchy beard which will pretty much be an uncomfortable situation. Additionally, a conditioned beard is able to stay in place as opposed to having stray hair.

Oiling your beard after conditioning will soften it further and keep away beard dandruff. It is an embarrassing situation to say the least when somebody scratches their beard and dandruff particles shed down their clothes. Oil also stimulates beard growth especially if infused with castor, coconut or rosemary oils which are popular for hair growth. Like conditioners, another advantage of using beard oil is having a nice smelling beard. It’s a plus having a crisp and fresh masculine scent. Use of beard balm is also encouraged for shaping and holding the beard in place when styled. Antibacterial beard balms keep away mites, lice and other microscopic organisms that may form a habitat. Use a beard brush to tame your beard further and help to spread the beard oil and the body’s sebum to optimize on beard moisturization.

Finally, periodically trim your beard as its hair doesn’t grow out uniformly. Trimming it around the edges to even it out will shape it well and make it aesthetically appealing. Invest in a beard trimmer with a broad variety of accessories to seamlessly fix mistakes and avoid shaving more hair than intended. Whether you’re shaving completely or unique cuts and styles to manage facial hair, you need to have ample time before and after the shaving process. Open and seal the pores by beginning with hot water and ending with cold water respectively to prevent skin infections, irritation and razor burns. Also ensure that you use a sharp razor and of good quality.